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Ahead of our time! Systems for stationary presses

Binding technology for recycling systems and stationary presses

For several years our binding technology is increasingly used in the recycling industry.

Where waste and recyclable materials for logistical purposes have to be highly compressed to bales or packages, we are a preferred partner for the delivery of the according twine binding systems. Our knotters for this purpose are designed mainly for polypropylene and natural twines.

The advantages compared to wired bindings are appreciated by our customers:

  • Substantially lower material costs
  • No residuals after burning
  • No danger due to pieces of wire in the bales/packages
  • Improved health and safety protection
  • No limitations due to national legislations

For facing the high forces occurring in presses, we generally recommend our double knotting system equipped with our big baler knotters and hydraulic drive.

We would be pleased to produce individual binding systems for your applications, especially concerning densification of recycling materials and waste.