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Ahead of our time! Knotters & Binding Systems

Knotters & Binding Systems

Raussendorf binding systems have had a good reputation since the twenties of the last century, and were part of balers of many renowned manufacturers. Since the beginning we produced and delivered more than 100 000 knotters from Asia to South America.

Today the knotter and binding technology is one of the backbones of the company.

Referring to the agricultural sector, we manufacture high-performance knotters and binding systems for high-pressure and big balers for single or multiple twines. Designed for high reliability and durability the knotters made by Raussendorf produce tight knots on solid hay, straw and silage bales and are highly appreciated by our customers.

Among others the Raussendorf binding technology is also deployed for in the recycling sector, mainly waste paper or plastic.

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