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Ahead of our time! Knotters - narrow version

Knotters - narrow version

We developed this type of high pressure knotters for being able to support and equip balers having a narrow distance between twines of down to 120 mm. With this product we can cover any twine distance from 120 mm to 180 mm and thus supply to companies with focus on balers for short stems or chopped straw.

With exception of the twine distance the functioning, operating conditions and reliability are similar to our standard high pressure knotter.

Usually such balers are designed for 2 up to 4 knotters per shaft.

Common features of these knotters are:

  • Standard width for the narrow version: 120 mm
  • Diameter of the shaft: 28 mm to 36 mm
  • Twine running length: between 250 m/kg and 400 m/kg

If you would be interested in additional customization or modifications, we would be pleased to helping you.

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