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Ahead of our time! Knotters - high density balers

Knotters for high density balers

Our company has been manufacturing knotters and complete binding systems for high density balers for several decades, thus these devices are perfectly field proven. The technical features are comparable to those of the large square baler.

These knotters are very robust and designed for high reliability and durability. They are used in knotting systems for mobile hay and straw square balers as well as in stationary devices and for the recycling industry.

Common knotting units consist of 2 - 3 knotters on a shaft and cover a bale width of 350 - 500 mm.

Common features of these knotters are:

  • Standard width normal version: 350 mm bis 500 mm
  • Diameter of the knotter shaft: 28 mm up to 36 mm
  • Twine: size between 250 m/kg up to 400 m/kg

We would be pleased to adapt our knotters to your needs.

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