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Ahead of our time! Knotters for big balers

Knotters for big balers

The company Raussendorf manufactures complete binding systems with high-performance knotters for large square balers according to the Deering system.

We are one of only a few of German companies which for over 100 years have manufactured complete binding systems and knotters for big balers. Our experienced design office performs constructive customization for all related press types. The adjustments can concern:

  • Diameter of the knotter shaft
  • Type of drive
  • Lubrication system etc.

The very robust design of the knotters, particularly developed for high durability and reliability, exceeds the market requirements for high bale densities.

These big baler knotters are manufactured for commercial twines from a thread size of 100 m/kg up to 400 m/kg. If required, we are able to adjust the knotters for other twine sizes.

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